How to setup multi-lingual website?

Hi, it’s possible translate subfolders for diferent languages? For example in spanish hi have /noticias/new-1 and in english /news/new-1.

Grav only accept 1 name for the subfolder, it’s have a solution?


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@javiregpa The documentation has a separate chapter on Multi-language websites.

In short, a page can have multiple translations but they share one and the same folder.

The name of the file tells Grav which language it contains. Eg.

   01.noticias/         <-- If Spanish is the main language, use Spanish name as folder name     <-- English file     <-- Spanish file

If you are on the Spanish part of the website, you will have a url to the news page like ‘http://mydomain/noticias’.

In the ‘’ you tell Grav what the English title and the English URL must be:

title: News     <-- This will be used as the title of the menuitem
slug: news      <-- This will be part of the url

The url for the English version of the page will then be http://mydomain/en/news

For this all to work, you have to tell Grav that you want to show multiple languages. You can do this in '/user/config/system.yaml:

   supported: [es, en]          <-- This will tell Grav that Spanish is the main language and English an alternative
   include_default_lang: false  <-- Tell Grav not to use a language extension in url for main language.

For more detailed information I would like to refer to the above mentioned documentation.

Hope this helps…

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Thanks for the response @pamtbaau

good to know, thanks!