TIF is not an image

Relatively new grav user. I have a large image archive I am looking to publish via grav, but some of my HiQ images are TIF/TIFF.
Looks from learn.getgrav that only jpg/jpeg/png are deemed images. I have updated Configuration/Media, but note that the MIME type for TIFF is image/tiff, but they do not display as images. Help welcome, tia - John
ps I have blogged the (perceived) issue at https://jzedwards.github.io/grav-and-tif, comments weclome there too

Grav has nothing to do with this AFAIU. To my knowledge, none of the browsers support TIFFs. There are very few browsers that support TIFFs. I noticed there are also plugins to display them, but not even sure how they work.

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Appreciate the quick response; interestingly Edge is downloading rather than previewing TIF despite TIF display support. I’ll have a hunt for plugins and see what I find

Sorry if I wasn’t clear enough, I meant browser plugins, not Grav plugins :slight_smile:

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