Shortcode-owl-carousel support for webp images and cropZoom

Hello there.

I’m changing my website images to webp format, buy the shortcode-owl-carousel plugin doesn’t show these images when I use the cropZoom.

Image doesn’t show:

Image shows:

Moreover, the plugin show a blank image between wepb images.
You can see this effect in this url:

Can anyone help me with this issue?
Thanks in advance.

@pmoreno , According the docs of Grav on Supported Media Files, webp is currently not supported. Image manipulation functions like cropZoom will therefor not be supported.

Support for webp has been asked on the forum before in post WEBP Image format. A reply refers to the Github repo of Grav. On Github you will find issue WebP support missing #2714 (Oct 2019) and Grav’s future plans on webp.

Gravs response:

We currently have the same issue as #1168 - we are locked into a specific image library in Grav 1.x, and it doesn’t support WebP. With Grav 2.x we plan on revisiting this and updating to a more flexible library.

You might want to subscribe to that issue to get notified on any progress.

Thanks so much, @pamtbaau for your fast response. I’ve seen the Grav Documentation about the Supported Media Files, and there it’s clear that Grav have not support to webp files.

However, just now I’m changing the website Juan Villén (made in Grav), with Gantry, and you can check that the webp images in all site work fine. What happens here? Gantry offers support to webp images and Grav not?.

"Additional support for media files and streaming embeds may be added via plugins", says the Grav Official Documentation. I think that Gantry offers this support via plugin.

Nevertheless, I expect Grav will offer support to webp images, soon.
Thanks, again.