Helium Skeleton installed - theme not found

Hello. First time Grav user here. I downloaded and installed the Helium Gantry 5 Skeleton. Grav installed fine, however, there appears to be no theme. I checked MAMP and the theme files are included in the file package I uploaded. However, under the Grav sidebar > Themes - just says 0.

I see, there is some problem in the build process of that skeleton. Reported the problem. In the meantime, you should see that under user/themes/ there is a folder that contains a full Grav site, instead of just the theme.

Move that to your webroot, and it should be working fine.

Awesome, thanks. I’ll move it as soon as I’m back to my system and update you.

Working now. Thanks for the tip.

It’s been fixed now, thanks for reporting