No theme images after fresh install on WAMP

Hi, first time user here. Just installed to a fresh wamp and themes don’t show hero images (no images at all). I’ve tried a few themes to no solution. If I try using a skeleton the images display properly for that theme - after adding a new theme images break again. Could not find this problem here. Any ideas?

Depending on the theme, some things might be shown, some others not, it’s really up to the theme to determine the site visuals.

So, more details on how are those images defined, are they added to a page? Or what do you expect, and what you get instead (screenshots please)

I’ll try providing screenshots later - all built in things are broken. So the hero image simply does not show in any theme I tried. Images I add show, but all themes are pure text. Tried this on two wamps on two pcs, so it might be some setting in wamp that I miss. However, when I tried using a skeleton, the hero images did work for that specific theme. I hope I’m making sense and thanks.

Are you getting a HTTP error for the images in the browser console (eg, Chrome’s DevTools, press F12)?

I’ve checked in DevTools, i get 403 forbidden for “http://localhost/grav/user/themes/gateway/img/”. Is there a simple solution?

By Wamp I assume you are on Windows, in which case you might just need the param_sep. Otherwise it is the configuration of Apache that is throwing the 403s, in which case an up-to-date .htaccess would probably suffice.

How are you using the image(s)? Through Twig or Markdown? That path does not look quite right.

Yes, I’m on windows - tried using param_sep which gives me errors in the admin section

window.GravAdmin = window.GravAdmin || {};
    window.GravAdmin.config = {
        current_url: '/grav/admin/update.json/task:getUpdates',
        base_url_relative: '/grav/admin',

The .htaccess didn’t change things, I get no error in devtools but nothing changes with the images. And the problem is that themes are completely without images for me - stuff I add in a post shows up, but all of the themes are without images.

I guess I should change to some other version of wamp and see if this persists, will let you know how it works out.

The same thing happens with xampp also. So no images in themes, images I add work, but the themes are text only. I’m not sure if this is supposed to happen?

Does the error also emanate on the front-end? With param_sep: ';'in system.yaml all of Grav’s paths should be using ;, not :. Also, more generally, are you using the newest Core + Admin package (Grav v1.1.17, Admin v1.2.14)? And what theme are you testing?

The error shows only in the back end. I’m using the latest package and trying random themes, so far I’ve tested four of them with the same results.
Might be dumb to ask now but is this a good platform for a complete beginner?

Some would perhaps say no, but I dare contend that once the installation is working as expected you’ll have a much easier time using it and creating things yourself than with many other platforms. It’s easiest to get started with a Skeleton, so the basics are definitely working as expected. If the default theme shows up with content then you’ll have a much easier time adding anything else on-top of it, like Admin and Plugins.

I always read about various configuration issues with XAMPP or WAMP, on Windows. Not just on Grav, but same with other CMS as well, they simply don’t get many things right.

I know that MAMP is getting many defaults in the correct way. Give it a try to that too, as it’s available for Windows and Mac, and let us know if you still get the same issue.

Thanks, I’ll try MAMP and see how it goes from there, and use a skeleton if needed.