Theme and skeleton with themer plugin

Hi everybody ♪

What is the difference between theme and skeleton ?

Is it possible to have differents themes and differents skeletons at the same time?

I made a try: I’m using antimatter and I wanted to test mediator to see how is code full width photos, but I realise that theme would not work without skeleton.

Thank you in advance ☆

Skeleton is an grav installation ready to test configured with a particular theme, with some pages to demonstrate the capabilities.
to test more skeletons, I think, you have to install different grav instances, or more than one user folder and switch them by changing the name.
But maybe would be nice to have a system wide configuration parameter to chose the user folder.

thank you very much for precise answering

Hi @tidivoit,

in Grav each theme define it’s own “page types”. As long as they are using the same “page types” you can switch between theme, either in the admin panel. If they are different this is not possible anymore. But If you want e.g. using the theme for blog etc, but you want to have documentation styled with a different theme (with the corresponding page types) Themer helps you out here.

For example for the documentation folder 02.documentation in your pages directory you place a file with the following header

title: Documentation

theme: learn2
template: docs

☆ Thank you very much for answering

I am going to have a serious look to Themer (I downloaded it yesterday but yet not given it a try, I am a lit bit afraid…).

It’s that I am becoming crazy ♪ a little …

I have modified antimatter theme to have it the way I wanted for blog purposes: it’s perfect but I would also like to have a completly different page for welcoming people at first, make a presentation… with a full width picture as background and presentation text on it (see mediator as @rhuster says in forum to someone asking about that)

So far, I have tried to have a modular page from antimatter, but with the modifications I have in base.html.twig makes it complicated.

I am not able yet to understand how to adapt base.html.twig to make it correspond to what I want …


☆ ♪ … HURRAH … HURRAHH … ☆ ♪ It worked beautifully !

I feel a lot better … Thanks to you

Your Plugin is exceptionnal

Then …
the next question is:
What are the themes that are fully compatible true the Themer plugin with antimatter

Hi @tidivoit, glad to hear. Themer plugin does not restrict you. You can choose any theme. You only have to conform to the page types a theme gives you e.g. for antimatter that is etc., for the learn2 theme, etc. and for other themes maybe If you like a specific theme and want to use it, but you don’t know which page types it supports you directly have to look in the template folder. All files located there are the ones you can use :slight_smile:

☆ Thank you again ♪ I feel that I have crossed a step in grav experience: it’s really a exceptionnal framework! …

Yes we all like it :smiley: