The "Grav Club" | Christchurch, New Zealand

Firstly thanks to those who have replied to my other thread. I’m going to give Grav quite a serious go. I work better in a group, which is why I like this forum. I’m planning to start a local Grav Club.

Hypothetical Grav Club
I’d like to start a Grav Club here in Christchurch.
I considered the Epic Centre, which is a local fun place for a lot of IT tech companies. But I’ve decided to go for a school. “Ten weeks, come and learn and play with Grav” I’ve approached a local school.

  • If there is anyone here in Christchurch who is interested in coming/helping, please let me know.
  • If there is any advice about such an idea, please let me know.

One question, Just in case there is a simple answer: can we just buy something like some Bluehost space and set up (say) 10 Grav installs easy on this?

The plan.
Find a place, find some kids. And others who may be interested.

  1. Week 1: install Grav. Probably on local machines, but who knows. [Talk about design, responsiveness, get minimum concepts sorted]
  2. Week 2: Markup. Make some pages. [More about design, like ‘use a pencil’ or a whiteboard, think before you code]
  3. Week 3: make some more pages, get navigation sorted. [Plus??]
  4. Week 4: plugins
  5. Week 5: plugins [Show and tell]


Rather than buying some cheapo hosting you might be easier off using Cloud9 for hosting platform. Its very cheap for classroom use - $1 for teachers/month and free for students. It provides a nice simple interface, drag/drop uploading but you can also run command line (Ubuntu) if you want. I use it all the time - performance has been a bit touch and go lately - but overall its convenient because they can work in the classroom then go home and continue if they like.

Regarding Cloud9, I covered it in a blog post a while back (might be a bit out of date) -

And also I know they developed a Grav plugin that makes getting going with Grav easy-peasy:

Hi Derek,

I’ve done a number of Grav workshops in Vancouver, Canada and you are welcome to reuse/remix any of my materials. Of special interest might be a clonable Grav Workshop Demo site on GitHub which is designed for use with online IDE’s, like cloud 9.

Grav Workshop Demo

Video of installing Grav Workshop Demo in Cloud9

Grav Workshop Slides

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