Tutorial on Developing Grav with GitHub

Hey y’all, just wanted to let you know that I’ve posted a 2-part blog post on Developing Grav with GitHub.

This goes into detail covering getting a local site setup properly, and then shows you how to integrate it with GitHub to act as your source control and release management system.

It even outlines how to setup a GitHub webhook so your pushes will automatically update your live site.

I strongly suggest reading over this, even if you have your site up and running as it could provide you with some valuable insight in to how we, the Grav developers, setup our sites.

Part 1 - http://getgrav.org/blog/developing-with-github-part-1
Part 2 - http://getgrav.org/blog/developing-with-github-part-2


Great! By following it – and installing the blog skeleton first - before installing the core Grav system, it fixed my Tag URIs not working problem. Thanks!