How to make Array Form Field in Blueprint YAML

I have this frontmatter on a page:

  - header: Call to action
    text: "Put in some catchy words to let the viditors to your website know what to do and where to go to do this thing that they want to do."
    icon: life-saver
    url: about
  - header: This is the second
    text: "This would be another thing you can do, put in some information and let users find what they are looing for."
    icon: money
    url: join
  - header: And another
    text: "Here is another CTA, this is an important thing that you want people to see.  If they click, they will go there."
    icon: heart-o
    url: events

I would like to make this editable in the admin plugin so I made a blueprint file for the template and I want to add an Array or List that populates from the above frontmatter. I just don’t know what the syntax would be.

              type: array
              label: Home Page CTA
                header: header
                text: text
                icon: icon
                url: url

Obviously, that is wrong, it does populate an array of fields, but not correctly so it almost works.

Try this:

              name: features
              type: list
              label: Home Page CTA

                  type: text
                  label: Icon
                  type: text
                  label: Header
                  type: text
                  label: Text
                  type: text 
                  label: Url
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Yes, that worked perfectly. Thanks.

One thing I notice is that the fields that come up are difficult to edit. I cannot place the mouse within the text of the textbox, I can only put my cursor at the beginning of the field and then I can use the arrow keys to move the cursor. Not a big deal, but confusing for someone who might want to edit text (non tech administrator). Should I report that as a bug on github?

Yah please report it as a bug, probably a CSS bug, but a bug none the less!