Tag Issue with Separate Folders

I am having an issues with tags. I’m currently using the PinPress skeleton. Normally blog posts have the URL mydomain.com/blog/post-title. In order to have a more SEO friendly URL, I created category folders inside of 01.blog. For example, I created a folder called “Finance” inside of the 01.blog folder with a .md file containing

title: Finance
published: false
body_classes: header-image fullwidth
    changefreq: monthly
    priority: 1.03

    items: @self.descendants
        by: date
        dir: desc
    limit: 5
    pagination: true

pagination: true

Let’s say I create a new post called “New Post” with a tag “Apple” and create it inside of the 01.blog/Finance folder. The new post will appear on the front page (blog page) and if I click the new post it will have the URL mydomain.com/blog/finance/new-post.

If I am on the homepage (blog page), where I can see a descending list of all posts, and I press the “Apple” tag on “New Post” it will take me to mydomain.com/tag:Apple and properly show me all of the posts with tag “Apple”. However, if I click on New Post and follow its URL mydomain.com/blog/finance/new-post an issue arises. If I am on the post’s page and click the tag “Apple”, it takes me to mydomain.com/blog/finance/tag:Apple. This page is a 404 Error page. Clearly, the URL is incorrect. It is adding the extra /blog/finance to the URL because of the folder structure.

Is there anyway to maintain the folder structure but have all tag URLs point in the proper direction?

You probably just need to edit path in the blog-item page so that it points to the correct page. Grav by default really doesn’t know which page you want it to point to, so you have to set that in your template code.