Stuck and confused setting up folders / permalinks.

I have searched, I have tried creating folders and I’m just not sure what I’m doing now.

I want to use grav as a personal blog. is fine. is fine is fine
The permalinks for the above are exactly what I would expect - it’s the page title in the url.

The issue is posts.

At I have a post.
Because I have hidden posts that came with the theme (which is Quark Open Publishing), this post has the folder name
The full path is

Home page is set to blog
Hide home route in URLs is Yes

At I can see the post excerpt and the image featured in that post (I edited the template to get the result there I wanted). So the front page is good.

When I click the post title though I get sent to

Desired result:
I get sent to

I tried creating the folder april, moving the post there and changing it’s location in admin but that didn’t work.
I have tried changing various settings/options in site admin to no avail.
When I search the forum here I see a solution involving regex but that’s beyond my knowledge.

I have 2 questions:

  1. What do I need to do in site admin / templates / ftp to make my post appear at ?
    And then and so on.

  2. Do I need to use ftp to create a folder for each month? Or if I specify /month-name somewhere in site admin does that get created automatically?

Thanks for reading