Syncing local and live. Permission denied

Hello, everyone.

I ran into a major problem when developing my first GRAV site. Hope you guys can help.

I am running a GRAV website on DigitalOcean ubuntu. On the live site if I create and save pages it works perfect. The problem is when I copy over the site to my local environment.

On my local environment I am running Valet. If I edit the page locally, then push it via git to live. It says permission denied if I try to edit the page on the live site.

To sum up:

  • Creating and saving pages on the live site. No problem at all.
  • Creating a page first locally. Pushing it to the live server via git. And then trying to modify the page - PERMISSION DENIED.

Any ideas how to sync permissions between those 2 enviroments?

Sidenote: Tried Mamp using apache. Same issue.