Setup without ssh

I have just started with web page setup, so bear with me.I have tested my Grav site on localhost, everything works as expected. Now I am on next stage - trying out some hosting sites, starting with one of free shared hosting sites: Copied my files from localhost, unzipped. I have few problems and I can’t see where the reasons could be:

  • Admin page shows “Invalid Security Token”, but it seems not to interfere with anything.
  • Normal pages first have same short address (folder) as on localhost, but after just one click on any other page changes to long folders shown, including my x10hosting username ( http : // ).
  • Permissions for my files only works when set to 777, which I doubt are secure enough. When I set them (folder after folder) to values as in manuals, nothing works anymore.

I know I am a beginner both in Grav, webservers, hosting providers and more, so it is a bit confusing. Probably I am just missing some valuable part in my understanding of all this. Can someone help and guide m e in right directon? Is that some nginx.conf file somewhere I need to put or something? I dont even know what server is there running. Or probably that provider or free plan is just not comaptible with Grav needs?