Permissions Error

Hey guys, I’ve been using Grav for a few weeks now and love it from a custom content type perspective but getting this installed on a server has been a big pain unfortunately. I’m using Digital Ocean to host it and now have it installed and running, but I am not able to post anything as I am getting a permissions error:

Creating directory '/var/www/' failed on error mkdir(): Permission denied

I checked the directories and it looks like the correct permissions is being set, I even opened it all the way up (777) and still had the issue…

What else could be going on?

Have you tried setting permission 777 on more folders? Permissions doesn’t necessarily inherit from parent down to child(ren).

yeah, but wouldn’t that open me up to all sorts of hacks?

just a guess,

is the www user in the same group as the ftp user

how would I check that?

is digital ocean a shared hoster?

In your FTP-Programm you could see the Owner and the Group of the folders and files.

No, it’s a VPS.

In my FTP client I can see the permissions setting on files and folders. From what I can tell the directories that need to be 755 are good to go so I’m just not sure what’s up?

You should also see the Owner and the Group of every folder and file.
or just type on the shell for example “ls -l”

If you set the server up yourself, just check that your ftp user is also a member of “www” group. If your Webser has no ownership of any kind to folders and files, than it is impossible for grav (the webserver) to create/change a file or folder.

  • but as i first mentioned, it is just a guess

hope this helps

I didn’t set the server up unfortunately, just not familiar with that stuff. Is there a way I can check this from an FTP app?


if you dont set the server up, it is maybe better to get the support for this from Digital Ocean.