Error when logging into admin

Hi Guys,

I’m getting this error message when logging into the admin panel

An exception has been thrown during the rendering of a template ("Error while trying to download ''") in "partials/nav.html.twig" at line 39.

I’ve also noticed that when I try to bin/gpm update in SSH I get this

Error while trying to download ‘

Any ideas?

are you ‘offline’ ? is this a local server? do you have curl disabled?

I’m online - the web address is and the site was working no problems with the virtual domain…now that the dns records have been allocated this is when the issue started.

I don’t recall having to specify an actual URL anywhere…I’ve added the subdirectory to the htaccess file but that didn’t change anything either.

The admin fatal error is going to be fixed in the next Admin update. I had the same issue when navigating the site locally, offline.

Bug, being a live server there is a problem in downloading the plugins list, most probably because PHP cURL is not enabled on the server, as rhukster said. Can you check that?

Strange thing is though is that this site is hosted on the same server (in a different sub-directory) with admin plugin installed and doesn’t have any issues.

Will keep looking to see what I can find out

Ok - Just changed twig to ‘true’ in the system.yaml and that seems to have fixed the issue? Weird.

You mean process.twig?

nope i changed

    twig: false


    twig: true

in user/config/system.yaml and it’s now working. Don’t know if it’s related, but it’s working now.

Oh, probably under events:. That is defaulted to on, and you would definitely see that error if you had accidentally toggled that off.