Support on site development


I need support on site development or scripting issues to work on my website I have some problem with spam attack coming from contact us page I want to install the captcha security am not experience so I need some one to work with me on this issue any advice .

That sucks. What have you already set up for the form? It’s normally a simple matter of adding a new field of captcha type as described in the Grav docs. Is there something here that’s not clear to you?

You can also try adding a honeypot field first, but I don’t know how effective that will be. Also, recently on a form I simply added a validation filter to reject links in text fields, and that worked really well. That’s only a good solution if there’s no reason for legitimate users to include links in their messages, and if the spam always contains links.

Thank you for sharing but still not clear where i have to install the captcha

You don’t install it. You sign up for a Google ReCaptcha account and get a key, which you will use to configure your new captcha field.

Add a field to your form as per the example. Put your key into the field’s recaptcha_site_key property, like:

  recaptcha_site_key: YOUR-KEY-GOES-HERE