Grav v1.7.0-rc.17 very strange behavior

yesterday I made an update to v1.7.0-rc.17 through the admin and things went … wrong.
Web server is ok but I could not load admin part. A php warning was blocking. So I lowered php messages and finally get in. But actually :
dashboard is empty : ok not really annoying
some of my page in edit content are not showing, just like if there was : it’s really strange as the .md contains my text, rights on the file are ok, and some other pages are ok.
Is there anything that should be done after installing this RC that I missed ?

You should update Admin Panel to v1.10.0-rc.17 and Flex Objects plug-in.
Also check the structure and naming of md files. I had a multilangual webpage, so I had to add language code into md files.

thanks for answering.
admin adn flex plugins are already in v1.10.0-rc.17 (labeled test release).
Anyway, based on your answer, I found the “little” problem.
My previous install was a standard one, with a langage set to fr, with language in extension. Then most of my pages were named and not
After update, behavior seems to be little different (don’t know why), same options, didn’t touch anything, but admin is taking rather the .fr one.
At this time, I made langage available “fr, en” instead of simply “fr”, and everything came back. And for those already working, systeme this time tell me that both files are existing (default and fr), juste had to remove one and everything was ok.
thanks again for the clue ! :wink: