Sticky blog posts

Is there any way to make a blog post sticky, that is, always show at the top of the collection list?

@andro, Did a quick search on the github repo of Grav…

Question Sticky blog posts #156 shows how this can be implemented.

In short:

  • Add extra ‘featured’ category type
  • Assign ‘featured’ to blog page(s)
  • In template that lists blog items,
    • First list blog items from collection based on ‘featured’
    • Then list other blog items based from default collection of blog.

Hi @andro, you can also see an example of this type of thing in my Quark Open Publishing theme (thought I am sure the Twig can be improved!):

Thank you all. Obviously an excellent solution in concept. But I am using Gantry 5 with the Hydrogen theme, so pardon this newbie next question, where can I find pointers on how to make a new template for Gantry Hydrogen? It’s not immediately apparent, and web searches turn up virtually nothing about how to make a template in Gantry.

@andro, I’m sorry, but I have no experience, nor knowledge about Gantry…