Feature request - Default pages vs. local pages

Hi All,

Just started using Grav a couple of days ago but its just the thing i needed so kudos! :slight_smile:
My main use for Grav will be to create my knowledge base!
What i wanted to ask for, is the ability to separate between Default pages and local pages.

What i mean by default vs. local?
Think about a pre-built Grav instance with all of my KB articles - they will be the default pages within the system. in case anyone alters the pages they will be saved in a “shadow structure” that will be localized to that Grav instance. when the user lists the files, if there is any default file that was superseded by a local file, the local file will be the one pointed at.

This way, if i release a new version of the KB with new pages, they will only replace the default pages and not run over the changes that others might have made.

As a real-life example of this use-case being used by others, you can look as Splunk (big data analytics platform). Splunk enables building “apps” that provide further analytics. in case someone released an app, you can edit it using the “local” configurations and analytics. that way when the app owner releases a new version of the application, it does not run over any alterations made by the user.

Hopefully it makes sense and will be considered,
Thanks :sunny: ,