Activating sidebar in afterburner2?


This is my first time trying grav, so pls. be kind :slight_smile:

I’ve been trying to activate a sidebar in theme afterburner2. Nothing fancy, just to get the sidebar similar to the sidebar on to appear. However, no component of the sidebar seems to appear.
I have set show_sidebar: true in and installed simple search plugin (including copying the simplesearch*twig files from plugins/simplesearch/templates/partials/ to themes/afterburner2/templates/partials). But, the sidebar still doesn’t appear.

Just to see if my browser can handle sidebars, I’ve tried installing the skeleton for bootstrap-open-matter-course-hub and I can see the sidebar with no problem there.

I’ve also tried to search in this forum and tried the suggestions for activating sidebars in other theme but, they don’t seem to work in afterburner2.

Can anyone please help?

Thanks so much.

Welcome @samemiki!

Try the following out to see if you can get a sidebar going:

  1. download the Blog Site skeleton (
  2. install afterburner2 theme
  3. activate afterburner2 theme

Let me know if that works for you

Thanks a lot paulhibbitts.

The strategy you suggested partially works. For the page blog (that comes with the skeleton), it works. I can see all the sidebar great. However, when I create a new page, the new page does not show the sidebar. I have put “show_sidebar: true” in the of the new page. I have even copied the entire header of (from page blog) but, the sidebar is still not showing.

Do you have some advice on what other things I need to set?

Thanks so much.

Got the trick. I need to use Blog page template. Thanks!

But, how do I change the content of text widget in the sidebar? I see that this is in sidebar.html.twig. But, there must be a way to change it from somewhere else? Thanks.

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Great that you got it going @samemiki ! Looking at the Afterburner2 theme, the text widget in the sidebar is actually set within the Twig file:

It is possible to have a sidebar use a Standard Grav page as it’s content, I do that with my Open Matter Bootstrap4 theme:

Hope the above helps.