Some silly obvious questions for you guys

I’ve put up a site very quickly - using a skeleton. It’s at

As you’ll see it’s a blog. I’ve added a content item on the front page but how do I get it to display the first x number of words or add a read more??

Also, where is the icon at the start of the title coming from - I cant seem to get rid of it

I’m doing all this via the /admin page … if that helps.


Truncate with Twig.

{{ page.headers.title|truncate(5) }}

thanks Ryan - I’ll figure it out. What about the icon at the start of the post title and how can I remove the menu items - I dont need them??

It looks like you solved your problem?

hi paul, not really. i’m struggling with grav. i’m a user not a developer and have some rudimentary skills in finding files and editing, but was hoping for something a little more ‘functional’. the thing is or the thing i’m finding, is the theme is really the barebones and nothing really follows through from theme to them

If you “follow the path” that a theme has setup for you, things are simple.

When you start customizing things, like not wanting a menu at all, or changing the way the theme works, things require some sort of expertise or willingness to spend time tweaking (or hiring a developer to do it for you).

This is not a Grav-specific thing, but it’s true for any system.

I see you added === to the content, which is the summary delimiter, but the theme is not “picking it up”. That looks like a theme issue at first sight, so the best thing to do is report this on the theme repository issues list to start with.

thanks. i’ve decided to just try with a new skeleton. so just removed everything and installed a new one to start playing. now i get a 500 internal server error. will investigate

In case it’s useful,