Stupid question, but I'm lost

when the first gantry came out, it was okay because i was working with joomla full time. with the latest gantry, i was a bit lost until one of the moderators said one thing and thing it all fell into place

i’m a little lost with grav but i trust andy so i’m moving to grav, but i need to understand it before i can ask others to use it. hence why i’m putting a blog on grav.

i downlaode the core plus admin plugin (really nice by the way) and i’ve figured out a few things - but not all. my two questions at the moment are:

  1. i’ve installed twentyfifteen theme from the admin page - how do i get the blog posts to appear on the front page but also be part of the blog

  2. how do i change the title and the footer

and thanks by the way


Thanks for your trust Damo :slight_smile:

First things first, Grav is not like Joomla in regards to theming. I suggest you quickly read this blog post as I already explained there some key differences.

So after reading that you understand that each theme in Grav can be much more unique than in Joomla/WordPress. There are no ‘core’ features it must support, so most of the stuff you see in a particular theme, is actually delivered by that theme, not Grav itself. Moving ‘functionality’ usually means copying content + twig template files.

That said, the best way to get a site up and running with a new theme is to start with that theme via it’s Skeleton package (think RocketLauncher) if it has one. This is because the skeleton contains content + theme + plugins + config, all ready to go. You can add the admin plugin to the skeleton if you wish with:

bin/gpm install admin

From the CLI (We will start adding the admin as part of skeletons soon too).

Ok, that said, your questions are specifically about mo difying the TwentyFifteen theme and/or the config for that theme.  You might want to consider inheriting the theme and making your modifications, so any update to the theme itself down the line is not lost.  [See the docs for this](

Regarding your questions:

1) This will be solved if you actually start with the Skeleton, as it's a bit involved in explaining how to do this to a newbie, no offense :), Grav is just much more controlled by the theme (as explained in the blog post above) than you thinking. - - [demo]( 

2) To modify the title, i'm not 100% familiar with this theme, so i poked about.  The sidebar is rendered by `templates/partials/sidebar.html.twig`, and in there I see this code:

<header id="masthead" class="site-header" role="banner">
    <div class="site-branding">
        <h1 class="site-title"><a href="{{ base_url_absolute }}">{{ 'SITE.TITLE'|t }}</a></h1>
        <p class="site-description">{{ 'SITE.DESCRIPTION'|t }}</p>
        <button class="secondary-toggle">Menu and widgets</button>

This tells me that the title is set by `SITE.TITLE|t` which means its a language string as it has the translate filter (`|t`) applied.  So I looked in `languages.yaml` and i see this:

TITLE: My Blog
DESCRIPTION: Blogging about stuff

So that's where you change it.  It will change depending on language if you have  multiple languages supported, else it defaults to english.

You want me to install admin via:
bin/gpm install admin
but i am windows user and I never be able to run such thing.
Alson git bash do not works on windows

you can just extract the grav core + admin zip files and upload the files to your server via ftp and it works as well.

If you only need the admin then the instructions are listed here for manual installation.