Barebones/skeleton theme

I’ve been hunting for a simple no style barebones theme that just has the structure. (for someone who isn’t as versed in Twig). To me, that is what a ‘skeleton theme’ is defined as. but to no avail there isn’t anything available, only once in 2015 did someone post a file (which is no longer available) and which I’ve contacted the OP and have yet to receive a reply (about a week ago)

The THEME TUTORIAL is basically worthless since it relies heavily on the grav cli which as least for my situation (between gem, node, git and powershell, i really have no interest in yet another “time saver” especially when i’ll need to waste an evening or two just to hack and slash windows to allow the global environment, that’s even if i can get it working.)

so does anyone have any leads on a barebones/skeleton theme? i find this so curiously odd that there isn’t a basrebones no style themed available right off the bat. Thanks for your time, hope to hear a response.

If you need a clean theme and start from scratch, just follow steps 1 and 2 of this tutorial, If you dont like the proposed styles, just remove the assets in base.html.twig

{% do assets.addCss('', 100) %}
{% do assets.addCss('', 99) %}

You can actually grab the barebones theme directly from the plugin, you’ll just have to manually replace the strings that the plugin would normally replace: