Can't find how to change menu items and other stuff - Twenty skeleton

Hey - i’m very new to Grav and have started with a skeleton with the Twenty theme ( I’m getting my head around pages etc but I can’t see anything in the theme or in the manual that shows me a few things, like:

  • how to change the menu items;
  • how to change some other things that don’t appear on the pages in the editor.

I am certain i’m missing something obvious - it’s just not that obvious to me just yet. I’m using the editor in the admin plugin.

Thanks for any help!

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Sorry to be annoying - but is there anyone out there?

You should most definitely start with the great manual

top folders under /user/pages with their pages define the menus, and frontmatter field menu: can be used to override the page title as the menu text.

try the expert mode while editing a page to see all the frontmatter, or use a text editor directly on the backend files.

Thanks kylemcbride - that’s a really helpful start - will take another look.

Thanks awrog - as I mentioned i’ve been working through the menu but hadn’t found anything to help - trouble with trying to understand a new system.