Some minor windows problem

Basically most of the bin\grav and bin\gpm functions are working fine under windows. And I’m using some small batch scripts to call them. But using 'gpm install ', I just noticed that I can in fact install a plugin and also the installer seems to notice when a plugin has already been installed. But when I run a ‘gpm index’ all the plugins are shown as (not installed). Also the gpm upgrade does not work because it claims to find no upgradable plugins.

Another problem: After every selfupgrade the bin folder is missing.

Any idea why it does that?

Hmm, must be some specific windows issues. How do you have it working under windows? Did you install the GitBash?

No, I extracted GRAV manually and use something like ‘%PATH_TO_PHP%\php.exe bin\gpm’ to install plugins or update GRAV

does the update command look for a particular config file when it checks the installed plugins? or does it just go through the plugin folder content?

It uses the Grav API for reading the installed plugins so it’s not file system based. Are you able to install manually the plugins and do they show up installed after you did? Is this an issue only with the batch script you are running?

Also you can use the option -y to answer yes to all questions automatically and -q to get a quiet response, that’s what I would do if I were running a script. the y automatically knows the best route to take based on already existing plugins/symbolically linked plugins but you might want to try it manually first.

bin/gpm help install

Yes, grav works fine here even if ‘gpm index’ shows all plugins as ‘not installed’. 'gpm install ’ also works as expected. Odd, but then it’s not really a problem, just a little windows flaw

Would you mind adding an issue for this so it doesn’t slip through the cracks?

Also what php version are you running?

PHP Version is currently 5.6.4 but the issue also existed in previous versions. I’ll post issue and description to github for you.

I am having a similar problem on windows 8.1. I’m running php version 5.6.3. Tested both manually installing plugins and git bash, but the results were the same. The plugins and themes install without fail, but do not appear as installed when running the bin/gpm index command.

Thanks for confirming @neri, we’ll be investigating this issue. Thanks!