Solved: How to add a module to show your latest blog posts on home page

Hi Guys,

This is so simple it’s probably embarrassing. So I’m working on a simple personal blog website. Where on my home page I have some description about myself and a blog page which is separate. I would like to add my latest 5 blog posts in a separate module in my home page so my readers can just click on those directly, instead of navigating to the blog list page.

I know this is probably very easy to do. But I have spent 1 day on it, and found nothing. Would really appreciate your help.

These are my pages:

Home /home modular

Blog /blog blog_list

     Portoscope Part 1: Introduction

     Portoscope Part 2: Hardware

     Portoscope Part 3: Firmware

     Portoscope Part 4: Putting it Together

Portfolio /portfolio default

About /about default

Solved: In gantry 5 you have something called Grav content. Which allows you to pull the content from the CMS. simple.