Blog Posts Homepage

Hey Guys,

I’m quite new to Grav and I’m currently digging through the tutorials.


I’ve got three sections on the site that will show certain posts (pretty much categories). I’m looking to be able to pull blog posts from my /website, /advertising, /social pages/posts that I have and have them in each section. As it’s all on the same page, is this possible with my setup or would I need to have my site setup as etc.?

Secondly, I’m looking to use flexbox for the way the posts are set out. I’d like to have three posts per line. I’m looking to create a ‘card’ for each post. My goal is so that every time I publish a post, a new card gets added on to the homepage automatically that pulls in the thumbnail, title and a snippet of the blog into each card. So I’d make a template for the card and when I’ve created the post, it will automatically fill it in and add it on. Can I do this?

It would be great if you could point me in the right direction on the help section on this site or any other.

For the second part, similar to the grav blog page in layout: