Solution needed for a theme/plugin like Learn2 extended version

Hello guys,
I’m writting a kind of extended Learn2 theme. The idea is creating a site to reading books online. It’s structure is quite simple.


  1. Overview page
    — > Category as menu
    — > Listing of books inside each category.

  2. Books
    — > Chapter 1

    — > Chapter 9000

some books will looks like

2-1. Books
— > Section 1 (Chapter 1 -> 50)
------ > Chapter 1

------ > Chapter 50
— > Section N

So, could you please tell me is that structure available to do with Grav?
I’m just new to this CMS :slight_smile:


Hi, any kind of structure is possible in Grav. There are no limits :slight_smile:

You could use this pages structure:


So you have 3 page types: 2 collections ( listing pages, listing pages)

Those page types need a corresponding template in your theme.

Each collection page can simply list its children pages.

That’s a start.

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Hi @flavio,

Thanks for your reply, it makes more sense to me now.

I’m wondering is there any tutorial which I could look into when I’m getting started? Something like the relationship between components of Grav or just a tutorial about how to build a blog from scratch with Grav. So I can know more how user/pages work with user/themes and so on…


These 2 entries in the cookbook should be helpful:

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