Snip cart integration with gantry 5 templates

I am having trouble with setting up snipcart when using a gantry 5 theme. I cannot seem to get the snipcart js too load properly. I first started by installing the skeleton shop site. I installed gantry 5 and tried using the free hydrogen and helium templates.

What would be the best way to get the basic checkout and cart functionality like on the skeleton shop site, on a gantry 5 theme?

What was the installation method?, do you have the snipcart plugin installed and enabled?

try to make it work with antimatter theme first

Yes I have have it installed and the plug-in enabled. It works great with the antimatter theme.

I didn’t install the plug-in because like I said, I used the snipcart skeleton package. But if I switch the theme to a gantry 5 theme like hydrogen, even though I have a snipcart page, I cannot get items to add to the cart.