Gantry 5 Only Installs with Hydrogen?

This has been a solitary and difficult journey using GRAV but after 2 months I’m making progress.

My roadblock should be easy to answer but my last forum request is gone.

Is the Gantry 5 plugin usable on any other Grav theme.

The only evidence that I have ever seen that it can is on YT video where I saw and Appearance button in place of the Gantry button on left side panel of GRAV.


Hi and welcome to Grav!
I’m not really an expert on Gantry, yet I did manage to find this in docs:

According to that, there is at least one more Gantry theme available.
I did manage to find it as well!
I hope this helps anyhow!

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I’m going to test this.
Thanks sir.
The initial link seems to be referring to Joomla. Will still try it.

The second link, Helium, I’ve already installed and I’m going to try it once again.

Grav team is not very good about clear limitations and written instructions. I love their work but following it as a joomla user has been a pain in the ass.

Thanks though.

I believe that you have to hit the button with your system’s name, so tab will open.
Here’s how it looks like on my phone:

Our team of devs is really busy all the time, with answering support questions of any kind as well - mainly on Main code repository and/or Official Discord server,so I try to help as much as I can!

Yes I believe you are right and I have spent an inordinate amount of time trying to navigate that situation thinking I was doing something wrong for days if not several weeks.

The reality is as far as I can tell that only two things well install on graph that use Gantry 5.

I depend on that because I do not at this time want to learn to do CMS changes line by line.

Gantry 5 is a good management tool 90 to95% of everything I need

Thank you again