Slideshow not showing - receptar theme

hi, i´m using the receptar theme for my blog. it works fine, bot the slide show and also the featured image is not showing. my provider uses php <5.4. can this be the problem.

The latest Grav release now requires PHP >= 5.5.9, not sure if that’s related to the problem you but I would first update PHP (they surely need to offer a way to update PHP!), update Grav and retry from there. Did you download the Receptar Site Skeleton?

thx for your answer. yes, i downloaded recepter site skeleton. Using my pc and apache and php 7.0.4 everything is working fine. uploaded the slideshow for testing is not working. see you here:

Ok then if it’s working locally and not on the server it’s surely some server configuration issue.

ok, thank you. i have to check it with my provider. have a nice weekend.