Slideshow broken on Deliver theme

Hi Guys,

Am running this site and updated the version of Grav and installed the admin plugin…now it seems the showcase slideshow is broken.

Looking at the skeleton it seems that my site is missing the class



and I’ve also noticed that it’s missing the class of slideme-zoom in


I’ve tried downloading the new version of the template and making sure everything is up to date but can’t seem to figure out where this error is coming from. Any ideas?

I’m looking into that right now. There might be some issues with admin plugin. I will investigate and release update if needed.

Thanks Karol,

Greatly appreciated. Let me know if you need me to zip up a copy of the site for you to look over.

OK I figured it out. In the update and installation process a bunch of text was deleted from my site.yaml file. This was causing the errors. It deleted everything from about line 8 down…hence why it was all over the shop!

Thank goodness for backups!