Receptar Theme Slider

Hi, new to Grav and I like it.
I need some help with image slider in Receptar theme if someone could help.

How can I make slider for blog items like one from blog home page?, so slider could show uploaded page media images. I’ve attached samples.
Thank you

This is how it looks like now, blog slider, but I need posts slider.

Okay, I’m willing to pay a dev to do this if that’s okay with this forum?
Anyone willing to take the job and provide estimate?

If you haven’t found anyone yet, I’m keen to find out more detail about your requirements (not completely clear yet) and give you an estimate.

I was about to start some hacking on the lightslider plugin this weekend anyway, because there are a few things I don’t like about it. I know it reasonably well.

… but I see this uses slick slider now I look it up. It still doesn’t look too hard and if I had time I might even try doing that for you without expecting anything.

PM me or post more details in case someone else can do it. I would want to know what you’ve already tried doing.

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