Sitewide Forms and caching

Hi everyone, I’m pretty new to Grav and just “finished” our first Grav site. We have a form on every page that loads in a lightbox thingy, linked from the main nav. I linked the site here: Sample Grav Sites - Part II . From there, when you click “Request a demo” in the main nav, it opens. The form is an invisible, unroutable page without parents and one child (the “success” page). I use a partial that loads the forms page, and renders heading, content and the form like this {% include "forms/form.html.twig" with { form: forms('request-demo-form') } %}

So here’s the problem: The form disappeared after some time when I used caching (the box then just displayed the heading and content) and I couldn’t figure out why, or even a pattern. I tried disabling Twig caching globally to no luck, the only thing that got it working was disabling Caching itself. The site still runs pretty fast but caching removes those sweet 10-20ms from the server response so I’d appreciate any input here :slight_smile:

…the Server had an active APCu module and my cache driver was set to auto, now everything makes a bit more sense. Using “file” seems to have fixed this.