Are Grav Sites Limited to a Single Form?

When I download the newest Grav admin + default Antimatter theme, enable the Register page for the Login plugin, and also create a “” page of my own (with a form), the Register page’s Submit button fails to function. Instead, it just refreshes the page without creating a user as you would expect. If I remove the “form” information from’s frontmatter, the Register page properly creates a user.

This is the example form I followed. What am I missing?

I’ve found a workaround. It appears that caching was the issue. On the line immediately below

list($forms, $flat_forms) = $this->grav['cache']->fetch($cache_id);

I added $forms = array(); in order to prevent the caching of forms. In hindsight, I’m trying to imagine a scenario in which I would want a cached form post. Are there circumstances where cached form posts would be ideal?

Maybe this would work as well? Then you don’t have to hack te code

cache_enable: false

Would this affect only forms? I would think I would want the cache enabled for other pages.

I think you can enable it on the form modular only


Great! Will this work on as well? My concern is that it will be overwritten by updates to the plugin.

Don’t know. Did you test it?

I think the fix is in 1.3.9, but thanks for your help.