Site title seems stuck at 'Grav' in Bootstrap example

The Grav docs explain how to make a Bootstrap theme. After following the directions I have it working, but I can’t change the site title from ‘Grav’. I have reset it in /user/config/site.yaml, using title: XXXX, with no effect; and then I have done the same in /user/config/site.yaml, still with no effect, even when I deleted the cache. Have I missed something?

I really need to update the theme tutorial. It’s a bit out of date and I have a better example available to use that has improvements from Antimatter.

My recommendation for the title is something like:

<title>{% if header.title %},{{ header.title|e('html') }} | {% endif %},{{ site.title|e('html') }}</title>

So it uses the page title if available, else the site title…

Sorry, but that’s exactly what I’ve got. It’s not the page title that’s the issue, but the site title. Im going to upload an image if I can Snap of title problem The page title is ‘How to get here’, that’s fine. But the site title should be something like ‘Thomas Green’s website’ (how original) but as you see it’s stuck at Grav.

I have actually fixed this 4 days ago in the Grav Bootstrap theme: you can apply this fix until the update is released.

Good timing! Unfortunately I can’t find those files in the theme I’ve made, following directions in the documentation. Guess I’ll wait for the update. But many thanks to you, @flaviocopes, it’s only possible for people like me to build sites in Grav because of people like you.