How do I change the learn2 default site title from Grav?

I downloaded the RTFM Site Skeleton package to my local Mac development machine. It works fine. I installed the admin plugin. I want to change the default site title “Grav” to my site title, “Altoplace”. I made the change in user/config/site.yaml, but the site title still shows Grav. I had done the same when using the Antimatter theme, and it worked fine.

What am I doing wrong?

Hi, you mean the logo appearing in the sidebar? That’s defined in this file as an SVG image. You might want to extend the theme and change the logo.

Yes, I guess that I didn’t realize that it was a logo and not plain text. This is what I am talking about:


Thanks for the pointers and I will review them. I am still very new to Grav and web development in general–but I am learning! I have been working through the documentation. I was just trying to get a basic website working and then I was planning to go under the hood to learn how it works. I may just move back to the Antimatter theme for now. Thank you for taking the time to reply.

You can just simply edit that file in user/themes/learn2, just remember that if you update the theme, you’ll lose the changes, so keep a backup around