Change site title from "GRAV" to my Blog site title

I have searched and searched and cannot find a solution. I did the default grav-admin install. Everything seems to be working well. The first thing that I tried to do was to change the site title from GRAV to Altoplace. In the Admin panel, I went to Configuration–>Site and updated the Site Title and saved the changes. But when I go to my site, it still shows GRAV. I don’t understand what I am doing wrong?

Also, I did not find an option to change the Site Icon?

I confess that I am still going through the documentation; however, I looked through the official Grav tutorial, and I did not find an answer.

Hi @GeorgeW509 what theme are you using? If it is Quark, then in the theme settings for Quark you can change the image used for that GRAV logo image.

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@GeorgeW509, Adding to @paulhibbitts answer… It is always a good idea to take a look at the docs of the theme. The docs can be found at the home page of the theme’s github repository.

A link to the home page of a theme can be found in ‘/user/themes/<theme-name>/blueprints.yaml’.

If you are using Admin Panel, the link can also be found at the configuration page of the theme: http://mydomain/admin/themes/<theme-name>.

For Quark you can find the docs about the logo here. It describes two ways of changing the logo: With and without the Admin Panel.


Thanks so much! I didn’t realize that “GRAV” was part of the logo. I was able to change the logo.

I am still a bit confused about changing the Site title. I changed it using the Admin panel. And I see that it changed the title under “user”:

./user/config/site.yaml:title: Altoplace

But the Site title is also defined under “system” and that wasn’t changed:

./system/config/site.yaml:title: Grav # Name of the site

I don’t understand why the site title would be defined in more than one place?

Anyway, my original goal was to just get Grav installed and working on my host. I have accomplished that. Now, I will do a deep dive into the docs and tutorials (now that I have a working site to play with).

Again, thanks for the help!!


@GeorgeW509, Never ever touch anything in and below the ‘/system’ folder ! See the red note in the docs on System Configuration.

The config files below ‘/system/config’ are default settings which will be overridden by configs below ‘/user/config/’

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