Replace "grav site title" with image logo on Hypertext theme?

Does anyone know how to replace the text site title name on the theme Hypertext with an image logo?


I think you should read the forum guidelines and then consider posting your question again or maybe asking it elsewhere.

Here’s the solution I figured out:

go to user/themes/hypertext/templates/partials/page/header.html.twig


{% else %}
  <h1><a href="{{ home_url }}">{{ site.title|e('html') }}</a></h1>
{% endif %}


{% else %}
  <h1><a href="{{ home_url }}"><img src="{{ base_url_relative }}/user/images/logo.png" /></a></h1>
{% endif %}
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@rvlv, Please know that changes should never be made in a published theme/plugin. Your changes will be lost once a new version is released by the author.

Use an inheriting theme instead.

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Oh, you mean Grav automatically updates the theme? Thanks for the solution, will look into it.

@rvlv, No, Grav will do nothing automatically, but Admin will notify you if new versions have arrived. When hitting ‘Update’ themes/plugins will be overridden.