Site + RTFM documentation in one?

Is there a straightforward way to have the RTFM documentiation to a grav site without duplicating the grav system folders?

You can use the Themer Plugin and assign the Learn2 theme to the documentation pages subfolder

thanks, will try that.

This worked out pretty well, only that it ends up also with the default theme’s pages in the documentation’s navigation sidebar as chapters of the documentation. Do you know of a way to use the documentation theme just for one page and its contents?

tried to solve it by collections:

title: Getting started
    category: docs
theme: learn2
      '@taxonomy.category': docs

Still shows all the pages in sidebar navigation.

Still didn’t got it, but got closer to it:

in sidebar.html.twig I added a [2:]:

{% for p in page.children[2:] %}

This makes only the documentation folder’s children listed on the sidebar as wanted but it’s isn’t good because it lists the parent as the only top level menu entry, so the whole thing is slipped up one level.

Tried to introduce another for loop, which will let me get rid of the top level menu, but completely messes up the menu items, showing only the top level elements for every chapter and navigation is broken.

{% for pa in page.children[2:] %}
    {% for p in pa.children %}

I’m attempting to figure this out as well. Will post if I can manage anything.

Good :D, waiting.