Basic Newbie question

I’m a long time Joomla user, but looking for a lightweight alternative for very simple sites, and Grav looks great. I want a kind of a traditional home page with navigation - very much like the one page Grav skeleton, but I would like to use the RTFM skeleton for a documentation section of the site. I am wondering if I should install the one-page Grav skeleton in the public_html root, and then the RTFM skeleton in a subdirectory. Can you do that, or should I just one one of the skeletons? Also, how do the Themes differ from the Skeletons? I don’t see anything that differentiates them. I assume more functionality and capability. Thanks, Gary

You can run grav in a subdirectory, that should be a decent solution. Make sue you edit the .htaccess file that is in the site that is in the subdirectory and uncomment the line # RewriteBase / make it RewriteBase /subsite/

The method of creating your content to match your template files seems infinitely flexible, you may be able to do everything you want with one site and some creative templates.

If you want to keep them as separate sites (as we do with, then you can do that and use virtual hosts like we do (, and

If you really wanted to, you could ‘merge’ the content of two skeletons.

Each page has a template that renders it… For example in Antimatter theme, the standard page is has a default template, and a blog list page is called blog, etc.

In the Learn2 theme, it has chapter and docs templates. You just need to ensure your theme has support for all of these templates.

Hi, thanks to both of you for your suggestions. I think I’ll start with the one page Grav skeleton, then add others in subdirectories as I get a bit more experience with them.

rhukster, you’re referring to themes, so I’m wondering what are the differences between themes and skeletons? It’s not clear from the Templates page intro. If I want a home page with navigation to other types of content, does it make more sense to start with a theme, rather than a home page skeleton and other skeletons in subdirectories? I’m looking for as simple and as low maintenance a site as possible. This site will be a genealogy site, using a home page with basic navigation, plus webtrees (genealogy database) in another sub directory, and likely lots of citations, stories, reference material in other pages possibly using a separate skeleton similar to the RTFM skeleton (does that mean what I think it means from a documentation/user manual context?).
Thanks for your patience. I’d like to get off to a good start.

Skeletons are basically fully ready-to-run installations. They include Grav, plugins, themes, and sample content. You simply extract the zip and then you have a complete Grav installation already setup and ready for you to edit/tweak.

A Theme, is just part of that equation, it’s the Twig templates, CSS, and JS and basically anything to provide a visual UI for your content.