500 error and stray index.php files?

Hey there,

I’d been working on my site locally for quite a while, uploaded finally, and all seemed good. Now however I have a 500 error. I’ve followed all of the advice in the docs, from permissions to htaccess files but they didn’t seem to solve things and I am having some weird issues.

When I type bin/grav commands into the console it doesn’t do anything. And I don’t mean that it hangs like it’s trying to complete the operation and taking a long time. No, instead it just returns to a new line with the path still visible.

The second weird thing is that I seem to have an index.php file in literally every single folder in my Grav install, each with a random @include at the top that looks like gobbledy-gook but actually resolves into different file paths, which seems fishy…

Any advice?
My next order of operation is to remove all of these weird index files from my user folder, attempt a clean install of Grav, and try to add my content and theme back into it…

I did a clean install and replaced only the user folder. We’ll see if it holds or if I get another 500 error after a while.

Right now it is doing something else odd and I can’t figure out why.

When I go to my URL spencergoldade.ca, it instead tries to route to:

Hunting around in the system and site settings I have no idea why it is doing this. I seem to have the home page set properly. If you click on the “home” link or the site title it takes you to the right place, so at least I know it works.

Any ideas?

500 errors came back after trying to edit a page.
Increased PHP memory allowance out of pure experimentation and it seemed to help for now.