Simple Search Error


my search form is generating an error and since i’am quite a noob, i can’t figure our why. :-/

To recreate the error, you may just try it on the website itself:

if someone can help me, i’ll greatly appreciate it.



Did you configure the plugin to search in a category?

Otherwise it will not have results to search on. That’s a problem I think I fixed in the latest develop branch, but not released yet.

Yeah, i tried it both ways. With category and without. But it still generating an error…

When I clicked search it simply went to:

This is an invalid URL in the search form of the theme you are using.

However, Simplesearch usually works with /search in the url such as:

When I tried a similar URL on your site I get an error. That is probably due to some bad configuration of the simplesearch plugin.

Hi Rhukster,

You’ll get the only, if you don’t enter any query. If you type anything, the right URL is generated:

But the error page still appears. - > I cant find anything wrong with the configuration. I already reinstalled it. But no changes…