SimpleSearch Twig not responding


I have installed SimpleSearch on the website:

If you click the menu in the top left corner, you will see the search box is available. Upon typing in a query and hitting “enter”, nothing happens. No response whatsoever from the form.

I have also used this little slice of code from the github page to put a search form on the 404 error page:

This form also does not respond to typing.

At least the plugin shows a results page. Unfortunately, it does not show any results. See here:

Any ideas on fixing this? Thanks.

First you can see that there is a JS error, and that error indicates that JQuery is missing. It’s because the theme you are using doesn’t load JQuery by default. You can simply add a reference to the JQuery CDN via the assets.addJs() method in your theme.

The second issue with it not finding results, is that you must configure the filters for the plugin. By default, simpleserach is looking for all pages with category: blog set in the taxonomy, so you will need to adjust this to fit your content.

Debugging is not my strongsuit. Feel dumb for not thinking of that JQuery bit. I’m playing with the taxonomies right now, actually, and thinking of a few ways to work with them in unique ways. Thanks for the help!