Simplesearch routing issue

First of all: love Grav! Looks great, relatively easy to use. Looking forward to the Admin Plugin (saw the blog post just now ;))

Anyway, I’m using the default Grav installation (Antimatter theme with a few CSS tweaks) with a few (single) pages and one blog page. On that blog page I would like to use the Simplesearch plugin, just like the Blog Skeleton does. However, it looks like the routing is not working correctly (or it does, but the result is not what it needs to be :)). Anyway, best way to describe the issue is it have a look at:

a) Search for example for “musicbox” and the plugin directs to which results in a 404.
b) If I remove the \articles\ part in the URL the correct results page shows up:

(\user\config\plugins) simplesearch.yaml:

enabled: true
built_in_css: true
route: /search
template: simplesearch_results
category: blog
filter_combinator: and

Ps: changing the route parameter to: route: /articles/s earch
will result in (=> 404)
If I then change to the search result page shows up.

I’ve searched this forum for answers, but couldn’t find any :slight_smile: Any thoughts?

Cheers, Ronald

Pps: probably not related but the “tag” and “archive” plugins works just fine (for example

Not that I want to be too impatient, but anyone any ideas? :slight_smile: Thanks in advance!

Sorry Ronald, your question slipped through the cracks!

First off, are you running the latest version of Antimatter? I recently made some updates that changed the way the base_url in the sidebar is built.

BTW if you have made modifications to the Antimatter theme directly, back up your current copy of antimatter before doing an update:

$ bin/gpm update

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: Ehm, I think that was it, yes. I’ve updated everything (using the Admin panel! ;)) and now it works just fine. Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction.

I’m currently experiencing the same issue when using the Bootstrap theme.
@rhukster: Can you apply the same patch as for the Antimatter theme to the Bootstrap theme as well? Or is there any other best solution?