SimpleSearch problems

I’m trying to get SimpleSearch plugin work.
When I put this code to website:

{% include 'partials/simplesearch_searchbox.html.twig' %}

I will get that search box but when I search something it always comes back to same website without search results.
If I use direct URL to:

It will give me search results on a page which had word something.
I’m new with Grav and I don’t know where I should start to fix this problem?

I changed to another theme and it started to work so for some reason theme what I used broke that plugin result page no idea why thought :-/

Is there any good search plugins for grav? I tried TNTSearch but whole page crash if I copy/paste this to my website:
{% embed ‘partials/tntsearch.html.twig’ with { limit: 10, snippet: 150, min: 3, search_type: ‘auto’, dropdown: true } %}{% endembed %}