Simple Contact Doesn't Send Email

I setup the recipient email to my Gmail address and configured everything correctly but when I test it doesn’t send any email to my Gmail Account. There isn’t any error when I click the submit button either. It says it was sent successfully.

Any ideas?

Sorry don’t have much experience with that plugin. We are working on getting our own Forms plugin finished up and that will allow for pages such as ‘contact us forms’ and will be able to support that ourselves :slight_smile:

Awesome! Can’t wait to see it.

@Noah FYI Simple Contact has some bugs. In order to let it work you have to change simple_contact.php, L38-39 to


in order to add the required CSS to your pages. Then, you have to change simple_contact.php, L68 to

$old_content = $page->getRawContent();

and every occourence of $page->content to $page->setRawContent. It should be line 76, 81, 85, 89. To fix the bug of the sizing issue of the form, the best is to modify simple_contact/templates/partials/form.html.twig to


Concerning you mail issue, this could be a wrong PHP setting as the code looks ok for me…

Thanks for fix, I updated the plugin. Next week I come back to working with Grav so I need to check every my plugins/themes for update with new version of Grav.

woohoo!!! you have been missed!

Ehehe sorry my time before now are really less only for job and life… Now the big project is over so I can working on all my opensource project. Btw I dont want go offtopic here, we see in chat next days ^^