Showing categories instead tags

Hi there,

I’m sorry if it’s a noob question, but I’m trying to understand some basics about GRAV.

I’m modifying Mediator theme and now I would like to show categories instead tags on the header of the post (postmeta.html.twig) from line 13 to 15.

This is the snippet:

{% if page.taxonomy.tag|length > 0 %}
        <span class="post-tags-set">in: {% for tag in page.taxonomy.tag %}<span class="post-tag-{{tag}}"><a href="{{ base_url }}/tag{{ config.system.param_sep }},{{ tag }}">{{ tag }}</a></span>{%if not loop.last %} + {% endif %},{% endfor %}</span>
        {% endif %}

The taxonomy is categorie

Thank you!

Would need to make sure what an example page header looks like but sounds like if you just replace all references of tag with categorie it would do what you want

Thank you rhukster, I forgot the first tag on the second line.
I’m always distracted!