Meta tags rendering html codes


I’m (very) new to Grav and I’m having some trouble with the meta tags. Tags with single quotes and ampersands are rendering the HTML code instead of the character I need (ex. How to Inspect a Car's Interior & Exterior). Can anyone point me in the right direction to fix this?

Thank you!

What does your twig file look like?

My title tag looks like this

<title>{% if page.metadata.title.content %}{{ page.metadata.title.content|e('html') }} | {% elseif header.title %}{{ header.title|e('html') }} | {% endif %}{{ site.title|e('html') }}</title>

I’m trying to add an {{% autoescape %} to the title tag, and it works in the header.title case, but not in the page.metadata.title.content case

I figured it out! If anyone is looking for the solution hopefully this can help them :slight_smile:

`{% if page.metadata.title.content %}{% autoescape false %}<title>{{  page.metadata.title.content|raw|replace({'&#039;' : '\'', '&amp;' : '&'}) }} | {{ site.title|e('html') }}</title>{%  endautoescape %}{% elseif header.title %}{% autoescape %}<title>{{ header.title|e('html') }} | {{ site.title|e('html') }}</title>{%  endautoescape %}{% endif %}`