Struggling with tags. Am I misunderstanding how tags work?

Hi, trying out grav for the first time and so far it is working great. The one thing I am running into trouble with is the taxonomy tags. I can add them to a post, but when clicking on them I just get taken to the homepage with no changes except the url now shows


at the end of it.

This is on a default install of grav. Here are my steps:

  1. Setup grav with the admin plugin included.
  2. Go to pages, select the “Typography” page
  3. Change the page template to “Blog” or “Item”
  4. Save
  5. On the options tab for the Typography page, add tags under the Taxonomy → Tag box.
  6. Save
  7. Go to that post on the public page, and click on one of the test tags under the post title
  8. end up at the homepage

What I expected to happen was clicking one of the tags would take me to a list of all pages that are tagged with that, and this is what the grav docs seem to suggest is the intended behavior.

I read somewhere that the taxonomylist plugin would do this too so I installed it but it has the same problem of just taking me to the homepage and adding stuff to the url. It doesn’t seem to filter at all.

Is this just not how tags work or am I missing something? I’ve seen a couple other posts on the internet about this but they either have no replies or were asking about including taxonomy tags in their custom themes. For me I am just wanting it to work with the default theme that ships with grav for now. Do I need some kind of tag search plugin?

Any help would be appreciated!

@ionroux, It takes a little bit more to create a blog page and blog items.

Take a look at a ready to use Blog skeleton. It is a fully functional site providing blog functionality. You might get some insight in collections and the use of taxonomy.

The TaxonomyList plugin is only required to show the user a list of tags/categories used in blog pages. That list is often shown in a sidebar. You will see it in the skeleton I referred to.

@pamtbaau interesting! I somehow had not come across the concept of skeletons while trying to figure this out. So what I am seeing is that plain grav is like the bare bones cms functionality and then the idea is you expand on it with making a custom template. That’s why tags don’t work as there’s nothing there by default to handle it.

Blog skeletons look to be exactly what I need! Thanks a bunch, I’ll try them out tonight and see if it solves my problems!

@ionroux, Your view on Grav is not quite correct…

It is the core of Grav that provides the logic to handle taxonomies. All the theme does, using templates, is showing Taxonomies on the page. That’s the separation of concerns: Core for logic, Theme for layout.

Theme Quark, the default theme shipped with Grav, provides templates for multiple types of pages: default, blog, item, modular, etc.

Plugins can extend on the functionality of Core and offer new functionalities and/or layouts by providing new templates that can be used by the theme. For example the TaxonomyList plugin extends on the functionality of Core and provides a partial template allowing Quark (or any other theme) to display a list of tags/categories that are being used by pages.

Okay, I think I understand. So basically grav is what handles everything but the theme is what lets you decide how the content is actually presented?

Either way, Im not looking to do anything too crazy. I just want somewhere to talk about projects I’m working on. I tried posting my latest one to but really did not care for it. Really confusing UI, Im just going to make a simple blog with grav and wanted to be able to tag my posts with project names or general themes.

Thanks for the help!

@ionroux, I that case, the Blog skeleton is a good starter for you… Have fun!

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Looks like it, finally had some more time to play around with the “blog-skeleton” skeleton. So far does everything I want except show the subtitle in the admin edit page so Im learning how to add it to that right now.

Thanks for all the help!